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Ellis relishing his new role at Brookdale

Ellis Ostheimer, (pictured) who has plenty of local connections in his golfing career, is looking forward to his new role as head professional at Brookdale Golf Club succeeding Karen Heywood who has moved to the professional role at Compton and Royton GC.

Ellis outlined his career in golf to date and his upcoming plans in his new role:
“I started my golfing journey at 10 years of age at Werneth Low with my dad and quickly moved to Fairfield.
I started to compete in all of the junior competitions and found myself enjoying golf more than my football and decided to take it more seriously.
This led me to playing in many junior opens and competing for the teams at Fairfield.
At around 13 years old I jumped ship to play at Denton! This is when my golf really advanced and I managed to get into the Lancashire team.
At Denton I started to work in the shop when I was 14, just helping out around school time. I then left when I was 17 to become the assistant at Bramhall Golf Club and this is where I really started to progress.
I loved my time at Bramhall and feel I really made a good connection with the club.
Their professionals Richard Green and Scott Parry gave me great training and I got a good understanding of how a club and pro shop is run well!
Just before Covid I started to really push with my coaching and from there it continued to develop. I realised how much I liked coaching and to develop my career.
I left in 2022 to move to Woodside and Denton to coach full time. I learned a lot about myself in that year moving to an area I don't know and an empty diary in winter!
However, I managed to work hard and it has led me to where I am now!
In September 23 I managed to secure a job at Brookdale and I can't wait to see where the future takes me!
I would firstly like to thank my mum and dad for helping me through the whole journey, running me all over the country and helping with the expense of playing in competitions.
I'd also like to thank Mike Hollingworth, Scott Parry and Richard Green who helped train me to take this role today.
However, I'd like to give a special thank you to my Grandad! If you have been at Brookdale you would have seen him working away hard helping me transform the studio and the shop. I wouldn't have been able to make this move without him.
Everyone has made me feel really welcome at Brookdale and I already feel like I have settled in nicely and I'm looking forward to the future. 
My plans at Brookdale are to continue to grow my business and Brookdale Golf Club, by providing first class service to both members and visitors!
I would like to grow the membership in all different areas and I have started this by developing a junior academy on weekends and I will be extending this to ladies and gents in 2024!
My plan is also to become the place to go if you are looking for lessons in the Manchester area! Both myself and my team will do this by providing tailored plans to each person to help them reach their goals. 
If anyone is looking to reach out to me, please email ellisostheimergolf@gmail.com or phone 0161 681 4534 option 2.”
Geoff Garnett*