Archie Preston Mixed Trophy 2023 - Winners Wilpshire GC

All matches are to be played under R&A Rules and Local Rules in Force on the Day

  1. Each team will consist of 14 players with a Handicap Index of not more than 30.0 for Ladies and 20.0 for Gentlemen. Allowance for the Course Handicap may result in a player playing off more than this these limits. A team can play a player with a handicap index above these limits but they can only play of these maximum handicap index limits. The team should include the current Captain and Lady Captain unless they are not available in which case Past or Vice Captains should play.

    2. The combined handicap generated is the sum of the Course Handicaps of both players in the team. Strokes are given/taken based on 50% of the difference between teams.

    3. Players of any age can play in the competition. If a team plays a player under the age of 18 years the team organiser MUST ensure that safeguarding policies applicable at the club where the match is played are complied with.

    4. The away team will receive a one hole advantage in each game. Each game will be played to a finish – there are no halves. In the event of a game being all square after 18 holes there will be ‘sudden death’ to establish the winner.

    5. Before play commences the team Captains must exchange team sheets with the order of play. The Captain and Lady Captain or their replacements, will be paired together and will play first.

    6. Gentlemen drive first on the odd numbered tees and Ladies the even numbered tees. The Home Team will decide which tees the Gentlemen will use – White or Yellow. Ladies will use the red tees and the Stroke Index for the relevant hole will be taken from the Mens card.

    7. Any team failing to field a full team will forfeit the match not played. The opponents of the forfeited match must be in attendance and ready to play in order to claim the match.

    8. Members of more than one MDGA club can only elect to play for one nominated club in all 2024 MDGA team knockouts.

    9. A draw will be made for each round. The first named in the draw will be the home side and as such are responsible for arranging the match within the specified schedule. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. BOTH TEAMS should make every effort to open lines of communication on receipt of the draw.

    10. The HOME TEAM must offer a choice of four dates at least two of which must be either a Saturday or Sunday. The home team are under no obligation to offer any alternative dates to these four dates.

    11. Extensions to the closing date will not be granted and it is recommended that matches are played as early as possible so as to allow for a re-arranged match in the event of adverse weather conditions and course closures. If a match is not completed in the specified time the MDGA Executive will adjudicate.

    12. A courtesy round should be offered for each round for a maximum of eight pairs. Arrangements are to be made between the relevant team captains.

    13. The winners must notify the MDGA secretary of the result by text or email by the closing date.

    14. Use of Buggies. Please refer to the MDGA Buggy Policy on the website.

    15. Should any contingency arise which is not covered by the rules the decision of the MDGA Executive will be final. LOCAL RULES ON THE DAY OF THE MATCH APPLY

Archie Preston Trophy Quarter Final

As we are still trying to catch up following the difficult start to the season

Please try and play the Quarter Final matches as soon as possible. This will then allow successful teams slightly longer to play their semi final match.. Unfortunately we are unable to alter the date of the final.

All Quarter Final matches must be completed by Monday 19th August 2024.

Quarter Final
Shaw Hill v Haydock Park
Hazel Grove v Antrobus
Hindley Hall v Blackburn
Davyhulme Park v Castle Hawk