Bolton Old Links 6th October 2021

Sponsored by Jonathan Gallagher 'Galvin Green'

Sunny Old Links sets up some hot scoring

AFTER two days of pretty awful wet and windy weather the big field for the Manchester Alliance’s competition at Bolton Old Links were delighted to be faced with a day of sunshine, great views and a terrific course receiving plenty of compliments from the players.
They put on a superb competition with some top scores and close finishes to make this another excellent day for the Alliance.
The Pro Am competition reflected this as there was a four-way tie on 45 points and sharing the spoils were home pro Sean Owen and Paul Greenhalgh (Turton), Craig Corrigan and Mark Riley (Leigh), Andy Baguley (Westhoughton) and Phil Cooney (Dean Wood) and Leigh duo Sean Blinkhorn and Dan Crook.

The top individual pro was Scott Howarth (Davenport) with 42 points taking him comfortably clear of Chris Bibby (Bury) 39 and Andy Baguley and Ben Crompton (Crompton and Royton) both with 38.

It was close in the Am Am competition with Ellesmere’s dynamic duo of Phil Reeve and Josh Lanscomb top of the shop with 45 points from Paul Robinson (pictured right being congratulated by playing partner Mike Fenton) and Mike Jones (Davenport) 44 and Anthony Kenny (Prestwich) and Alistair Holloway (Denton) 43.

The nearest the pin prize was won by Saddleworth’s ever cheerful professional Andrew Earlam to conclude another great day for the MDGA.

Geoff Garnett

Pos PRO AM Pts
1 = Sean Owen (Bolton Old Links) Paul Greenhalgh (Turton) 45
  Craig Corrigan Mark Riley (Leigh) 45
  Andy Baguley (Westhoughton) Phil Cooney (Dean Wood) 45
  Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) Dan Crook (Leigh) 45
5 Andy Palmer (Chorley) Paul Barlow (Stamford) 44
6 = Dave Smith (Worsley) Jimmy O’Reilly (Ellesmere) 43
  Ben Thompson (Romiley) Ben Davies (Romiley) 43
  Scott Howarth (Davenport) Peter Botterman (Stockport) 43
  Haydn McCullen (Ashton on Mersey) Mark Gauci (Ashton on Mersey) 43
10 = Ben Crompton (Crompton & Royton) Jon Jones (Crompton & Royton) 42
  Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) John Egan (Haigh Hall) 42
  Chris Bibby (Bury) Andrea Holt (Bury) 42
  Ollie Pantoja (Ashton on Mersey) Josh Corrigan (Ashton on Mersey) 42
  Gary Brown (Glossop) Richard Blackwell (Mottram Hall) 42
15 = Jamie Howarth (Davenport) Brook Snape (Stockport) 41
  Tony Stevens (Davenport) Archie Palmer (Davenport) 41
17 = Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) Steve Horner (Pike Fold) 40
  Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) Lee Reeves (Ashton on Mersey) 40
19 = Tom Clancy (Cheadle) Mick Holmes (Cheadle) 39
  Dave Green (Dukinfield) Nigel Mather (Ashton on Mersey) 39
21 = Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) Greg Norbury (Flixton) 36
  Craig Daggitt (Bramall Park) Andy Ince (Bramall Park) 36
  Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) Joe Ridley (Saddleworth) 36
  Jack Wiggans (Chorley) Barry Wiggans (Chorley) 36
25 Mark Hancock (Stand) Michael Holland (Stand) 34
  Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) Stuart Blake (Knutsford) NR
Pos Pro’s Individual Pts
1 Scott Howarth (Davenport) 42
2 Chris Bibby (Bury) 39
3 = Andy Baguley (Westhoughton) 38
  Ben Crompton (Crompton & Royton) 38
5 = Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) 37
  Tony Stevens (Davenport) 37
  Dave Smith (Worsley) 37
  Ben Thompson (Romiley) 37
9 = Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) 36
  Jamie Howarth (Davenport) 36
  Haydn McCullen (Ashton on Mersey) 36
12 = Dave Green (Dukinfield) 35
  Gary Brown (Glossop) 35
  Sean Owen (Bolton Old Links) 35
15 Andy Palmer (Chorley) 34
16 = Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) 33
  Mark Hancock (Stand) 33
  Craig Corrigan 33
  Jack Wiggans (Chorley) 33
20 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) 32
21 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 31
22 = Craig Daggitt (Bramall Park) 30
  Tom Clancy (Cheadle) 30
24 = Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) 29
  Ollie Pantoja (Ashton on Mersey) 29
  Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) NR
Pos Am/Am Pts
1 Phil Reeve (Ellesmere) Josh Lipscomb (Ellesmere) 45
2 Paul Robinson (Davenport) Mike Jones (Davenport) 44
3 Anthony Kenny (Prestwich) Alistair Holloway (Denton) 43
4 Carl Ringlan (Crompton & Royton) Tel Read (Crompton & Royton) 42
5 Dave Bennett (Ellesmere) Chris Fawcett (Ellesmere) 42
6 Lee Warren (Northenden) Lorenzo Francioli (Bolton Old Links) 41
7 Ellis Goodfellow (Bolton) David Monaghan (Chorley) 41
8 Dave Smith (Hart Common) Danny Beeley (Hart Common) 40
9 Vaughan Guffogg (Bolton Old Links) Doug Waddington (Bolton Old Links) 39
10 Allan Schofield (Bolton Old Links) Jack Bryan (Bolton Old Links) 39
11 John Kilner (Marriott Worsley Park) Terry O’Mara (Ellesmere) 38
12 Peter Fotheringham (Mellor & Townscliffe) Neil McPherson (Mellor & Townscliffe) 38
13 Steve Hamlet (Disley) Ian Thomason (Disley) 37
14 Ian Fearns (Stamford) Paul Ralph (Stamford) 37
15 Dave Rothwell (Shaw Hill) Zack Rothwell (Shaw Hill) 36
16 Tad Knebel (Saddleworth) Nick Marner (Saddleworth) 36
17 Paul Thornley (Flixton) Chris Mulhearn (Flixton) 36
18 Chris Lee (MDGA Captain) Tony Woodford (Mellor & Townscliffe) 36
19 Steve Finan (Stamford) Duncan Hough (Stamford) 35
20 Bob Barrow (Flixton) Carl Tetlow (Flixton) 34
21 Mike Fenton (Styal) Ian Hales (Ringway) 33
22 Alan Leigh (Worsley) Dave Ellison (Hindley Hall) 30
  Steve Carey (Bolton Old Links) Steve Bolton (Bolton Old Links) NR