Bramhall 22nd September 2021

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Haydn bites his way to a fine double

THERE was a full field for the second Manchester Alliance Winter competition which again enjoyed great weather, a superbly presented course and the magnificent hospitality at Bramhall’s beautiful clubhouse and friendly staff.
Last week Ashton-on-Mersey GC’s Haydn McCullen enjoyed his Alliance debut by winning the pro am section at Crompton and Royton GC.
This week he suffered a nasty dog bite to his leg prior to the competition but it did not deter him from playing again with his excellent partner Mark Gauchi.
The dynamic duo (pictured) racked up 46 points to go three clear of Chris Bibby and Steve Cooney (Bury) and Phil Archer (Poulton Park) and Carl Irwin (Warrington) in the Pro Am section.
Haydn also posted 41 points to win the individual pro prize from Phil Archer 39, Ian Ridgway and Scott Jackson, both Disley, and Andrew Baguley (Westhoughton), all 37.
There was also good scoring in the Am Am section led by Ian Fearns and Phil Ramsden (Stamford), 45, Mark Richardson and Bob Kwan (Mottram Hall) 44 and Jordan Howard (Styal) and Will Atherton (Prestbury) who took 3rd spot via a card play off with 41.
The nearest the pin prize was taken by Dave Stephenson (Disley) to conclude another great day of Alliance golf and friendship.

Geoff Garnett

Pos Pro’s Individual Pts
1 Haydn McCullen (Ashton on Mersey) 41
2 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) 39
3 Andy Baguley (Westhoughton) 37
  Scott Jackson (Disley) 37
  Ian Ridgway (Disley) 37
6 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) 36
  Mark Smith (Stamford) 36
  Craig Corrigan 36
  Dave Smith (Worsley) 36
10 Chris Bibby (Bury) 35
  Mark Hancock (Stand) 35
12 Scott Howarth (Davenport) 33
13 Alistair Waddell (Chorlton cum Hardy) 32
  Tony Stevens (Davenport) 32
15 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) 31
  Craig Daggitt (Bramhall Park) 31
17 Sami Jaafari (Styal) 30
  Alex Pritchard (Poulton Park) 30
19 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) 29
20 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) 28
  Ben Thompson (Romiley) 28
  Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) 28
23 Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) 27
24 Dave Green (Dukinfield) 25
  Tom Clancy (Cheadle) 25
26 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 24
  Tom Fenton (Styal) NR
  Mike Boyle (Ashton under Lyne) NR

Bramhall 22nd September 2021

Pos PRO AM Pts (in cpo order)
1 Haydn McCullen (Ashton on Mersey) Mark Gauchi (Ashton on Mersey) 46
2 Chris Bibby (Bury) Steve Cooney (Bury) 43
2 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) Colin Irwin (Warrington) 43
4 Craig Corrigan Mark Riley (Leigh) 42
5 Mark Hancock (Stand) Gareth Mawdsley (Stand) 41
5 Scott Jackson (Disley) Steve Misell (Disley) 41
5 Andy Baguley (Westhoughton) Phil Cooney (Dean Wood) 41
5 Kris Andrews (Ashton on Mersey) Gordon Hamlett (Ashton on Mersey) 41
9 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) Brook Snape (Stockport) 40
9 Alistair Waddell (Chorlton cum Hardy) James Uren (Chorlton cum Hardy) 40
9 Mark Smith (Stamford) Steve Finan (Stamford) 40
12 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) Dan Crook (Leigh) 39
12 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) Joe Stanley (Knutsford) 39
12 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) Richard Taylor (Stamford) 39
15 Dave Smith (Worsley) Jimmy O’Reilly (Ellesmere) 38
15 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) Greg Norbury (Flixton) 38
15 Tony Stevens (Davenport) Archie Palmer (Davenport) 38
15 Ian Ridgway (Disley) Dave Bradbury (Disley) 38
19 Sami Jaafari (Styal) Don Milligan (Ashton on Mersey) 37
19 Scott Howarth (Davenport) Peter Botterman (Stockport) 37
21 Ben Thompson (Romiley) Saul Elly (Romiley) 36
21 Alex Pritchard (Poulton Park) Steve Harrison (Poulton Park) 36
23 Tom Fenton (Styal) Mike Fenton (Styal) 35
24 Craig Daggitt (Bramhall Park) Jim McGee (Bramhall) 34
24 Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) John Egan (Haigh Hall) 34
26 Tom Clancy (Cheadle) Mick Holmes (Cheadle) 33
27 Dave Green (Dukinfield) Barrie Lees (Pile Fold) 32
27 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) Rob Bannister (Pike Fold) 32
  Mike Boyle (Ashton under Lyne) Gareth White (Ashton under Lyne) 0
Pos Am/Am Pts (in cpo order)
1 Ian Fearns (Stamford) Phil Ramsden (Stamford) 45
2 Mark Richardson (Mottram Hall) Bob Kwan (Mottram Hall) 44
3 Jordan Howard (Styal) Will Atherton (Prestbury) 41
4 Richard Blackwell (Mottram Hall) John Hilton (Mottram Hall) 41
5 John Kilner (Marriott Worsley Park) Terry O’Mara (Worsley) 41
6 Johnny Arcaini (Sale) Dave Carlisle (Sale) 40
7 Dave Nield (Werneth) Mike Abbott (Saddleworth) 40
8 Mobi Rawthore (Sale) Johnny Chan (Mottram Hall) 39
9 Chris Exton (Stamford) Anthony Cavanagh (Stamford) 39
10 Adam Wells (Stamford) Carleton Weldon (Stamford) 39
11 Mike Bentley (Werneth) Graham Turner (Werneth) 39
12 Paul Thornley (Flixton) Chris Mulhearn (Flixton) 39
13 Steve Hamlet (Disley) Ian Thomason (Disley) 37
14 Josh Corrigan (Ashton on Mersey) Colin Poole (Ashton on Mersey) 37
15 Ged Burke (Whitefield) Alan Leigh (Worsley) 37
16 Simon Wright (Disley) Dave Codd (Disley) 36
17 Peter Fotheringham (Mellor & T) Neil McPherson (Mellor & Townscliffe) 35
18 Arthur Jowles (Styal) Paul Sutherland (Styal) 34
19 Geoff Gable (Disley) David Stephenson (Disley) 34
20 Craig Tinto (Duckinfield) Jake Foster (Styal) 33
21 Joe Ridley (Saddleworth) Andy Dunster (Saddleworth) 33
22 Chris Faucet (Ellesmere) Dave Bennett (Ellesmere) 33
23 Chris Lee (MDGA Captain) Steve Heywood (Manchester) 32
24 Paul Laing (Glossop) Alan Starmer (Saddleworth) 31