Whitefield GC Wednesday 13th April 2022

Four Person Team Stableford

Sponsored by Steve Hindle of the Marriott Worsley Park GC

Jamie takes another step to Order-of-Merit title

THERE was another full turn-out for the popular Team of Four competition excellently hosted by Whitefield Golf Club on a much warmer day with a challenging course producing another tight competition.

The individual pro competition saw O-o-M leader Jamie Howarth (Davenport) consolidate his substantial lead by sharing top spot on 40 points with local boy Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold). Two points back were Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh), Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall), O-o-M challenger Phil Archer (Poulton Park) and Tim Maxwell (Knutsford).

Phil Archer led in his team of Mark Pasquill (Leigh), Dave Morris and Adam Mannion (both Dunham Forest) to a top score of 89. Phil’s team were also recent winners of the competition at Hart Common. They finished two points clear of another local team led by Bury pro Chris Bibby. They provided one of the highlights of the day on the 11th 185-yard par three hole when Simon Daniels holed his tee shot for a well-celebrated rare Alliance ace and some valuable team points. Completing the Bury fab four were Graham Cross and Ian McGuire who won a cpo from Leigh pro Sean Blinkhorn and club colleagues Dan Crook and Mark Riley along with Joe Manfredi (Regent Park).

The nearest the pin prize on hole 17 was taken by Heaton Park pro Andrew Terry.

With such a big field it was a long day for the Alliance organising team of Ian Brooks, Jim Cunliffe and Ian Hales but as always they ensured that this was another Alliance day to remember at an excellent venue sponsored by Marriott Worsley Park.

Geoff Garnett

Professional's Individual

Pos Pts
1 = Jamie Howarth (Davenport) 40
  Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) 40
3 = Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) 38
  Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) 38
  Phil Archer (Poulton Park) 38
  Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) 38
7 = Alistair Waddell (Chorlton cum Hardy) 37
  Scott Howarth (Davenport) 37
  Andy Palmer (Chorley) 37
  Steve Ingham (Blackley) 37
11 = Scott Jackson (Disley) 36
  Dave Smith (Worsley) 36
13 = Chris Bibby (Bury) 35
  Ian Ridgway (Disley) 35
15 Craig Daggitt (Bramall Park) 33
16 = Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) 32
  Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) 32
  Mark Smith (Stamford) 32
  Jack Wiggans (Chorley) 32
  Andrew Terry (Heaton Park) 32
  Elliot Tickle (Blackley) 32
22 Anthony Millar (Ellesmere) 30
23 Tom Clancy (Cheadle) 29
24 Gary Brown (Glossop) 27

Team Stableford

In Card Play Off Order.

Pos Pts
1 Phil Archer (Poulton Park) Mark Pasquill (Leigh) Dave Morris (Dunham Forest) Adam Mannion (Dunham Forest) 89
2 Chris Bibby (Bury) Simon Daniels (Bury) Graham Cross (Bury) Ian McGuire (Bury) 87 (48)
3 Sean Blinkhorn (Leigh) Mark Riley (Leigh) Dan Crook (Leigh) Joe Manfredi (Regent Park) 87 (44)
4 Gary Brown (Glossop) Richard Blackwell (Mottram Hall) John Hilton (Mottram Hall) Nigel Hallows (Bolton) 86
5 Chris Exton (Stamford) Tony Cavanagh (Stamford) Richard Margrave (Stamford) Tony Adcock (Blackley) 86
6 Jamie Howarth (Davenport) Paul Robinson (Davenport) Dave Waldron Kelly (Davenport) Charles Waldron Kelly (Shaw Hill) 85
7 Alan Rudman (Marriott Worsley Park) Steve Murray (Marriott Worsley Park) Chris Stott (Marriott Worsley Park) David Lowe (Marriott Worsley Park) 85
8 Dave Smith (Worsley) Jimmy O'Reilly (Ellesmere) Clint Davey (Ellesmere) Alan Leigh (Worsley) 85
9 Martin Sluckis (Whitefield) Anthony Harris (Whitefield) Lionel Levine (Whitefield) Tony Showman (Whitefield) 85
10 Alan Crompton (Haigh Hall) Carl Robinson (Wigan) Ian Melling (Wigan) Daniel Ritchie (Pleasington) 85
11 Scott Howarth (Davenport) Archie Palmer (Davenport) Peter Botterman (Stockport) Mike Lamb (Bramhall) 84
12 Jack Wiggans (Chorley) Iain Braddock (Chorley) Mark Kiernan (Chorley) Andy Dilworth (Chorley) 82
13 Steve Ingham (Blackley) Kevin Saxon (Blackley) Steve Newton (Blackley) Dan Williams (Blackley) 81
14 John Kilner (Worsley Marriott) Terry O'Mara (Ellesmere) Danny Beeley (Ellesmere) Dave Smith (Hart Common) 81
15 Ian Ridgway (Disley) Dave Bradbury (Disley) Simon Howarth (Disley) Dan Bradbury (Disley) 80
16 Mark Smith (Stamford) Mike Leigh (Stamford) Steve Finan (Stamford) Martin Dwyer (Stamford) 80
17 Tim Maxwell (Knutsford) Mike McGowan (Knutsford) Richard Page (Knutsford) Nigel Eckersley (Knutsford) 80
18 Andy Earlam (Saddleworth) Dean Jagger (Saddleworth) Neil Bamford (Saddleworth) Matthew Chapman (Saddleworth) 78
19 Robert Hands (Bolton Old Links) Simon Ellery (Bolton Old Links) Stewart Cragg (Bolton) Stuart Roach (Bolton Old Links) 78
20 Tom Clancy (Cheadle) Mick Holmes (Cheadle) Alan Lane (Prestwich) Anthony Kenny (Prestwich) 78
21 John Aikenhead (Ashton on Mersey) Mark Gauci (Ashton on Mersey) Steve McDermott (Ashton on Mersey) John Russell (Sale) 78
22 Anthony Millar (Ellesmere) Juan Manzano (Ellesmere) Simon Hamnett (Ellesmere) Peter Colcombe (Lymm) 77
23 Andrew Terry (Heaton Park) Graeme Jackson (Manchester) Darren Ford (Whitefield) Joe Jackson (Heaton Park) 77
24 Andy Bridgewood (Flixton) Greg Norbury (Flixton) Paul Thornley (Flixton) Chris Mulhearn (Flixton) 77
25 Andy Palmer (Chorley) Paul Barlow (Stamford) Andy Hannay (Stamford) Dave Brownhill (Stamford) 77
26 Elliot Tickle (Blackley) Darron Tickle (Blackley) James Lees (Blackley) Rick Valentine (Blackley) 77
27 Alistair Waddell (Chorlton cum Hardy) Will Appleton (Chorlton cum Hardy) Steve Whitfield (Chorlton cum Hardy) Bill Johnson (Chorlton cum Hardy) 77
28 Phil Ramsden (Stamford) Andy Lumley (Stamford) Paul Ralph (Hazel Grove) John Barnes (Saddleworth) 76
29 Bob Barrow (Flixton) Keith Middleton (Flixton) Phil Dearden (Flixton) Carl Tetlow (Flixton) 76
30 Chris Lee (MDGA Captain) Tony Woodford (Mellor & Townscliffe) Graham Davenport (Mellor & Townscliffe) Andy Duncan (Mellor & Townscliffe) 75
31 Craig Daggitt (Bramall Park) Allan Boswell (Bramall Park) Ewan McRae (Bramall Park) Stuart Bell (Bramall Park) 75
32 Grant Hamerton (Pike Fold) Terry Barrett (Manchester) Harry Malpass (Manchester) Don Milligan (Ashton on Mersey) 74
33 Scott Jackson (Disley) Steve Misell (Disley) Paul Quinn (Disley) Dave Codd (Disley) 74
34 Geoff Gable (Disley) Steve Hamlet (Disley) Ian Thomason (Disley) Dave Stephenson (Disley) 69
35 Paul Crisp (Ashton on Mersey) Gordon Hamlett (Ashton on Mersey) Peter Hamlett (Ashton on Mersey) Paul Randall (Ashton on Mersey) NR
Nearest the Pin
Andrew Terry (Heaton Park)